TCS-3000 Sure-Lite
TCS-3000 Sure-Lite

TCS-3000 Sure-Lite


Ulti Group

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Control entry to parking garages, loading dock areas, drive-thru's, parking lot entrances and exits or any high traffic areas. Warn workers and drivers of hazardous situations.
  • LED’s provide up to 100,000 hours or 10 years of continuous use.
  • LED’s provide high-quality light with no glare.
  • Uses 30% less energy than conventional incandescent guide light units.
  • Recessed LED’s are shock, vibration and temperature proof and produce no heat.
  • Service/Maintenance-free. No need to replace bulbs or lenses.
  • Will not rust, pit or corrode.
  • Operating and storage temperatures range from -40ºC to +85ºC


  • Completely embedded wiring on the back of the panel make the lights moisture, water and weather resistant.
  • 13mm thick HDP (High-Density Polyethylene) low profile design eliminates impact damage.
  • 20 Red & 20 Green LED's - 102mm Circle
  • 127mm Wide x 273mm high x 13mm deep.
  • 0.9kg each.
  • Each light fixture includes a 4.57m long wiring cable.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes provide easy installation.


  • 6 Red & 6 Green LED's - 76mm Oval. 
  • Includes a toggle switch.
  • 83mm Wide x 121mm High x 64mm Deep.
  • 0.9kg each
  • Wiring from power source to interior light by others.