Replacement Welding Grade Green PVC Strip - Per Metre

Replacement Welding Grade Green PVC Strip - Per Metre


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Our green welding grade PVC strip is ideal for creating static welding screens and providing protection in welding environments. The material is naturally dark in colour, which protects workers from harmful UV rays emitted during the welding process by screening them out. When light radiates behind the curtain, visibility improves without sacrificing safety against welding flash. The curtains also protect against sparks and hot metal projectiles, preventing severe burns and potential fire hazards. 

Suitable for replacement PVC strips and priced per linear metre, the PVC is cut to your requirements on length, please order the total length you require - Quantity = Metres

Please note single strips come in up to 50m increments.

With replacement PVC strip you must order the total amount you require in metres. We also assume by default that you require 1 cut piece.  For example, if you order 20m in total we will send 1 x 20m length of PVC strip. If, however, you want the 20m to be cut into multiple lengths, then please select the 'Multiple Strips' option above, and state your exact requirements in the 'Order Notes' area under the Cart/Checkout Page.

Please contact us if you require any assistance in product recommendations.