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AutoStand Wide

AutoStand Wide

Ulti Group

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No cranking, no back-strain– the AutoStand Wide is Ulti Group's strongest and easiest manual trailer stand. Ergonomically designed and maneuverable, the ASW can be placed as easily as a shopping cart and then secured with a simple foot pedal. The AutoStand Wide’s extra-wide support covers two-thirds of the total trailer width and easily holds up to the heaviest of loads. It offers the ultimate protection from the side-to-side rocking of a trailer caused by heavy forklift activity that can lead to landing gear collapse and trailer tip-over.
The AutoStand Wide is our finest manual stand yet!

• Our widest and most efficient trailer stand
• Extra-wide to cover two-thirds of the trailer for ultimate protection
• Stepped top design allows for effortless accurate positioning
• 45,359 kg Static Load Capacity 
• Easy to secure with a simple foot pedal operated, gas shock, self-leveling system
• Hard polyurethane casters cut through snow and travel
smoothly on a variety of surfaces
• Adjustable working range between the highest 1219 mm to 1334 mm and lowest 1067 mm to 1181 mm
• Average deployment/retrieval time: 15 to 30 seconds
• Overall sizes: 1715 mm wide x 706 mm deep x up to 1397 mm high (dependant on working range)
• Weight: 216 kg